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                              My Wall of Gratitude

      “Gratitude is the memory of the heart.”     Jean Baptiste Massieu

Thank you, my heart will never forget. I want to acknowledge my gratitude to those listed below who have supported me by either purchasing my DVD's or have helped me with a financial donation or a generous act.  I truly appreciate you supporting my efforts to follow my dream and continue my film work.      
                         Thank you all so much. -Alex King-

  • Mr. F. Austin 
  • Mr. E. Arce                                          

  • Mr. Mrs. F. Barrett
  • Prof. M. Brown  
  • Mrs. K. Banta                          
  • Mr. Mrs. Birnbaum
  • Mr. S. Balderson
  • Mr. Mr. S. Bary
  • The Biladeau Family
  • The Barrett Family
  • Mr. D. Betteo
  • Ms. C. Brnic

  • Mr. J. Catania
  • Mr. D. Craig
  • Mr. Mrs. Carapanceanu
  • Mr. Mrs. C. Crook
  • Mr. W. Cahill                  

  • Ms. D. Domenichelli
  • Mr. Mrs. R. Dahut                           
  • Ms. B. Evans              

  • Mr. Mrs. C. Fishback  
  • Mrs. J. Fern
  • Mrs. K. Gruchacz
  • Ms. B.Gettlemen
  • Mr. C. Gambino
  • Ambassador M. Gitenstein 
  • Dr. Victor Groza             
  • Mr. Mrs. G. Hagosian    
  • Mrs. N. Hall
  • Ms. S. Hindman
  • Ms. M. Hoffelder
  • The Houston Worldfest
  • Mrs. B. Hogan  
  • Ms. L. Hook       

  • Mr. D. Infante

  • Mr. Mrs. S. Davis Jones

  • Mr. Mrs. B. King
  • Mr. Mrs. J. King
  • Mr. Mrs. M. King
  • Mr. Mrs. E. King
  • KCSM and their Viewers
  • Mrs. F. Kapuscinski
  • Mr. Randal Kleiser

  • Ms. S. LaRue
  • Life Adoption Services
  • Mr. Mrs. A. Louie
  • The LA Film + Music Weekend Film Fest
  • Mr. R. Madden
  • Mrs. P. Mooney
  • Mr. Mrs. T. McGarty
  • Ms. K. Mathias
  • Ms. M. McKenzie
  • Ms. T. Matz

  • Mr. E. Nolan
  • National Academy of Television Arts and Science

  • Ms. K. Ornellas

  • Mr. Mrs. D. Paterson
  • Mr.Mrs. J. Perron
  • Ms. M. Prandi
  • Mr. L. Powell
  • Mr. R. Peck


  • Ms. P. Rosenthal
  • Mr. R. Rainwater
  • Ms. J. Ribera
  • Mrs. K. Russell
  • Mr. D. Rookard
  • Mr. Izidor Ruckel

  • Mr. Mrs. J. Seidler
  • Mr. Mrs. S. Schube
  • The Sofos Family
  • Mrs. M. Smith
  • Mr. Mrs. M. Sahagian
  • Mr. Mrs. Scott Schube
  • Mr. Mrs. B.Simpson
  • Ms. G. Schmalfeld
  • The Sadzewicz Family
  • Ms. C. Stan
  • Mr. Mrs. T. Starr

  • Mr. Hunter Todd and WF Judges
  • Mr. Robert Thompson



  • Mrs. H. Ventrocilla

  • Mr. D. Williams



Gratitude makes sense of our past,
brings peace for today,
       and creates a vision for tomorrow”            
–Melody Beattie–


Your name is included on this Gratitude wall because I am so thankful.  If you would prefer to remain anonymous or do not like your name posted here...or if I somehow forgot to acknowledge you, please send me a message through my "Contact me" page so I can correct it.  Thank you again.
With my deep gratitude,
Alex King

                                    Begin each day with a Grateful Heart.
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